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Important Note

  • The bot’s default prefix is !tr or !translate - All commands must start with this prefix for the bot to process them.

  • Your bot must have a set of permissions for it to function correctly. Here are the permissions your bot requires to function:

    • Read Permission
    • Write Permission
    • Embed Permission
    • Attachments Permission
    • Edit Channel Permission
    • Read Permission
    • React Permission
    • Mention Permission
      • The bot requires these sets of permissions to create webhooks for embed off translations and to function overall. Without these your bot will not function as it would not be able to translate or send messages without them.

Translate Channel Automatic

Automatically translates any new messages in the current channel and forwards them to you. Admins/mods can set forwarding to same channel, other channels or other users in the server. Messages in forwarded channels will also be sent back to origin.

Translate by Reacting

Translates a message in the server when you react to it with a flag emoji.

Translate Last Message

Translates last message chain(s) in channel.
A chain is a collection of messages by the same author, to keep things simple.

Translate Custom Message

Translates a custom message entered by user.


These commands are available only to admins.

Misc. Commands

Miscellaneous Commands

Requesting features or reporting bugs

Request a feature or report a bug, we are grateful for both!

Have concerns?

  • Join the RITA Discord Server if you require any assistance.
    • Keep up to date with changes and report bugs.
    • For feature requests or issues feel free to use our issue tracker to submit a ticket as well as joining our Discord.