Misc. Commands

Important Note

The bot’s default prefix is !tr (or !translate) - All commands must start with this prefix for the bot to process them. Bot must have proper permissions in all relevant channels for full functionality (read, write, react, mention, attachments, embed).

Users who wish to receive automatic translations in private must enable DMs via server privacy settings.


!tr help Give a list of all Help commands
!tr help [command] Give usage info for each command. Example !tr help last would show how to use the last command.


!tr stats Shows a summary of the Global & Server stats.
!tr stats global Shows a summary of Global stats, all the servers the bot is currently on.
!tr stats server Shows a summary of the Server stats.
!tr proc Shows the processor usage, CPU, Ram and Uptime of the bot.
!tr shards Shows the number of shards the bot is running on.


!tr invite Creates an invite link for the bot so other can use it, i would not recommend using this command.

Supported Languages

!tr list Lists all supported languages the bot can use.


!tr version Shows the current version of the bot


!tr tasks Lists all current translation tasks for the channel the command is used in.


!tr doante oc Donation link for open Collective. !tr doante github Donation link for GitHub.