Translate - Custom Message

Important Note

  • The bot’s default prefix is !tr or !translate - All commands must start with this prefix for the bot to process them.

  • Your bot must have a set of permissions for it to function correctly. Here are the permissions your bot requires to function:
    • Read Permission
    • Write Permission
    • Embed Permission
    • Attachments Permission
    • Edit Channel Permission
    • Read Permission
    • React Permission
    • Mention Permission
      • The bot requires these sets of permissions to create webhooks for embed off translations and to function overall. Without these your bot will not function as it would not be able to translate or send messages without them.
  • Please also note that the brackets [] are not intended to be in commands. They are only there for illustrative purposes to help you understand how to send a command. If you put a bracket in a command it will not work.

Translates a custom message entered by user.


> !tr this: [msg]   <----- translates to default server language  
> !tr this to [lang]: [msg] <----- detects language and translates to your to langugae


  • to [lang] - defaults to server default language

  • to [lang, lang, ...] - translates to multiple languages

  • from [lang] - defaults to automatic detection


> !tr this: bonjour  
> !tr this to spanish: hello world  
> !tr this to arabic, hebrew: I love you  
> !tr this to de from en: how are you?