Quick-Start Guide

RITA is an automatic translation bot built using discord.js and Google Translate API. With speed, efficiency, security and ease kept in mind, find the perfect guide for you below.

Build Status and Bot Info

Take a look at the current build Status of RITA is she up to scratch Click Here


  • Translate custom messages
  • Translate messages by reacting with flag emoji
  • Translate last message(s) in channel
  • Translate to multiple languages at once
  • Automatic translation of channels with the option to forward translations to users or separate channels.
  • Supports 100+ languages


  • Create your own with the instructions below.
  • Write !translate help or !tr help and !tr help modules for a list of commands.

Instructions perfect for the first time bot creator, simple and step by step Click Here

How to Update

Are you a little behind the curve, do you need to update your bot Click Here

C-3PO to RITA Bot Migration (EXPERIMENTAL)

If you already have a Heroku Bot Using C-3P0 and want to change to RITA Click Here

Heroku Database Support

Sometimes you need to edit the Database manually, This is not something you should be playing around with unless you really know what you are doing. Click Here

Local Installation Support

The bot can also be run locally without Heroku. The local setup requires more steps since the database needs to be set up and the development tools need to be installed. Start with the steps 1 and 2 in Setting up a New Bot and then Click Here

Setup on a Raspberry Pi

Want to host you Bot on your Pi, well lucky one of our fabulous staff have found out how Click Here


Have things gone wrong, don’t worry there are a few things you can do to get back up and running Click Here

Error Messages

Error messages are not what we want to see, but they are helpful to work out what is wrong, check out this page for info on what they mean and how to fix Click Here

Commands & Settings

Look no further for example commands Click Here

Credits & License

This project was originally released by Aziz under the MIT license. He chose to take the project private/commercial at version 0.4.2 Beta. Bobby Johnson forked the project and renamed it Louie after his dog. AlooAkbar forked Louie and added the necessary modifications for the simple and free deployment of the bot using Heroku. RitaBot-Project Picked up the fork and as part of a team fixed over 200 errors and brought it into the modern age, All would like to thank Aziz for his hard work and making these early versions OSS so that others may learn and build on his hard work to share with the community.

Design Team

Released under MIT license.