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We develop RITA the best free Translator Bot on Discord (& soon Guilded). Breaking the language barrier for thousands of users.
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Helping Others
The only reason RITA exists is to help others. You do not need to pay outrageous rates just to connect with your friends in other languages. Not everything needs to be for-profit. 
Open Source
RITA is completely open-source. We maintain her and develop her to help everyone, and what better way to do that than use the free tools we have accesible to us.
Feature Rich
RITA has tons of baked-in features to help you connect with others. Including but not limited to automatic channel translation, flag reaction, and custom translations. We are constantly thinking of new idea's and taking in new ideas from the community so feel free to join our servers if you have an idea.
RITA is always being worked on. Currently we have some projects in the works, these include introducing RITA to Guilded and completely rebuilding RITA for Discord. Quick fixes to bugs are always being made to versions.
RITA has recently been added to Guilded's Early Access Team. We are very excited to introduce RITA to Guilded. You can join our Guilded Server using the link in the nav-bar. We are very eager to be on this journey with Guilded
Join our support server if you require any assistance at all. We're always here to help. Even if you don't need help, drop by to say hello, just chat, suggest ideas. We enjoy conversation (right?). You can find all media links at the bottom or top of the page.
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