Common Issues

RITA is not perfect and there are many places to make mistakes while setting up RITA so here is a little guide to aid you in your problem-solving. As always if you require more assistance join our Discord Server where someone will help you if none of these solve your problem.

If you are attempting to solve problems with your bot please setup webhook logs to assist us and yourself in diagnosing the problem’s you are experiencing.

RITA is unresponsive

Make sure you have forked the repository and connected your Github account to Heroku “Deploy” section before proceeding

  • This occurs on the first deploy of the bot, no discernible reason has been found as to why.
    • Go to your Heroku Page:
      • Go to the “Deploy” section in Heroku and make sure your fork is connected.
      • Scroll down to the “Manual Deploy.”
      • Deploy the master branch.
  • Your bot will now be working once finished deploying and then type in !tr embed on or !tr embed off (They are two different translation styles!) to finish setting up the bot for translation.

If you require more assistance join our Discord Server